Moviearb Private Equity Fund To Invest In 10 Film Slates

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Rich Furlin of MovieArb, a film industry consultancy, says when he mentions Hollywood to potential investors, their first reaction is, inevitably, "Oh.

Private Equity for Film | Wall Street Oasis. – The ARA-MovieArb Equity Strategy is a private equity vehicle targeting Hollywood films. The goal is to raise $275 million which will be invested in 10-film slates.

Epagogix in the News and Media. MovieArb, a private equity-style vehicle will invest in slates of 10 movies to be widely-distributed in the USA.

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Wall Street & Movies: Film Financing, Banks, Hedge Funds, Private Equity (1998)How to Invest in Indie Films | Finance – Zacks – Private equity funds, Camera And Action Of Indie Films; FIN Alternatives: MovieArb Private Equity Fund to Invest in 10 Film Slates;

Qualcomm shareholders, who have watched their investment. own slate for.

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